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Robert Fraser

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Current fellows

Robert Fraser is a Fellow-at-large with the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Rob is graduating from the Ryerson University’s Collaborative Nursing Degree Program and will be starting his Masters of Nursing at University of Toronto’s Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. His experience in community service work in Trinidad and Tobago and India and a desire to make a positive impact on others pushed him towards a career in healthcare. After arriving at Ryerson he became actively involved in his university, the nursing profession and broader healthcare context. Exposure to a wide variety of research, theories and projects made him want to see an increase in the sharing, improvement and discussion of such ideas. Leveraging the technology encased in his laptop and social media he started Nursing Ideas, a web-based resource to connect nursing students and nurses with leaders, researchers and innovators in healthcare. 
Working on this project has given Rob a number of great opportunities including: presenting at national and international leadership conferences and working with healthcare organizations to engage the public and professionals on important issues. While Rob has a variety of accomplishments to be proud of he credits what he has done to various mentors, professors and others who helped inspire him, find his passion and encouraged him to keep developing. In the future he hopes to continue work where he can contribute while learning and being inspired by those he works with. 

HealthCamp Toronto 2009 The Innovation Cell teamed with IBM and organized the first HealthCamp held in Canada. HealthCamp is a global movement pushing change in healthcare to engage participants in meaningful conversations about healthcare innovation. HealthCamp Toronto followed the format of 'unconferences' -- a participant-driven conference centered around improving the patient experience. Impact Achieved More than 100 global “Web influencers” (including patients, providers, policy makers, journalists) from different countries, with different training, and from different ethnocultural backgrounds met face to face, and many more followed the conversation online (via Twitter™).
Mental HealthCamp Toronto MHCTO crystallized as an idea at the HealthCampTO organized by the Innovation Cell ( in September 2009, after the inspiration of Canada’s inaugural MentalHealthCamp in Vancouver.