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Karen Born

isuma fellow
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Karen Born is an isuma Fellow at the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Karen has an MSc in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics and is a PhD student the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (HPME) at the University of Toronto. Karen is a doctoral trainee with the Health System Performance Research Network and focuses her research on the patient experience, health system performance and transitions of care. A community volunteer, Karen is President of the HPME Graduate Student Union. She founded the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School chapter at the University of Toronto which brings together a multidisciplinary group of students interested in health care quality improvement. Karen has experience working with government in developing system-wide performance measures, tools, and quality improvement projects. She also was a member of the Quality by Design team that conducted global case studies of high performing health care systems around the world to better understand what enables health systems to be capable of quality improvement. Karen currently works as a Health Associate with MassLBP, a company focused on citizen engagement and democratic innovation. Karen has been fortunate to have fantastic mentors, and hopes to give back through mentoring high school students with the Pathways to Education program as well as the CIHR Synapse Actua Mentoring program. Karen can be found on Twitter at bornk.

Participatory storytelling online - Innovation Cell publishes new research showing the power of participatory storytelling online Measuring patient satisfaction is an important quality improvement technique. The World Wide Web offers new approaches to understanding patient satisfaction and stories about healthcare encounters. In this paper, we suggest that there is a wealth of patients' stories being told online, in real-time, on social networking and on social rating Web sites. This patient-generated, publicly available information can complement existing patient satisfaction data and can provide insights into patients' values, perspectives and expectations - and can suggest ways to improve the patient's experience along the continuum of care.
The Change Foundation and the Innovation Cell partner to probe how Social Media can improve patient care "A new quality improvement lens: making sense of online patient conversations in social media to deliver on the promise of patient focused care" is a partnership collaboration between the Health Strategy Innovation Cell and The Change Foundation.

The project spans across 12 months and is working with healthcare provider organizations to use online patient dialogue to improve quality. The project consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Scanning the horizon – the Innovation Cell, in cooperation with partner organizations will conducting a scan of leading practices using online dialogue and engagement to improve quality in healthcare and other sectors. From this scan retrospective case studies will be extracted and should outline challenges, opportunities and legal considerations of using online patient dialogue information.
  • Phase 2: Development of case studies – the Innovation cell will work closely with partner organizations to develop and test emerging best practice guidelines on enhancing quality improvement and patient-centred care using social media tools.
  • Phase 3: Wrap up – Learnings from the scan and case studies will inform the development of an e-Tool kit to share insights and lessons learned from real-time patient and caregiver stories.