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Jen McCabe

kisaut Fellow
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Past fellows

Jen McCabe is our kisaut Fellow at the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Jen works internationally to co-advocate for mutual decision-making (patient+provider) in healthcare planning, delivery, and evaluation. As founder of Contagion Health, an early-stage California-based startup, she catalyzes individuals and organizations committed to ubiquitous healthcare. Contagion builds a variety of mHealth tools that support 'microchoice' in healthcare, including iPhone and Android applications and games for patient education. Ms. McCabe's trajectory, while decidedly untraditional, includes a polymath approach to learning and a commitment to rapid-response continuous education. When not researching the intersections of the semantic web, bioinformatics, health data as a personal asset, healthcare reform, and social media, Jen is dreaming up concrete whiteboard schemas for innovation implementation that during daylight hours become reality via hyperactive 'connecting.' Jen's output helps others track and manage small, day-to-day decisions (#ODLs or 'observations of daily living') that bring cumulative 'microrelevance' to bear on decision-making for long-term, n=1, personal health. Rather than working from within a single 'walled garden' organization, Jen often holds multiple positions simultaneously. Her output cross-pollinates the strategic planning diagrams, marketing/communication strategies, infoviz designs (and tweetstreams) of protean Health 2.0 startups, participatory medicine researchers, and wide-eyed idealists around the globe. Ms. McCabe has designed metrics and analytics to utilize social media for patient/provider collaboration and managed cradle-grave implementation of projects for Health 2.0 LLC, OrganizedWisdom Health, and various other Health 2.0 organizations. She is a frequent speaker at HealthCamps, and a presenter at Eli Lilly, Ignite Boulder, Health 2.0, Medicine 2.0, Mayo Clinic's Transform, Digital Pharma, BIO, and BIL:PIL. To Jen, being "healthy" means "living without hesitation." She believes our current system of sick-care "encourages submission" and is devoted to building a health ecosystem that empowers patients who choose to be partners in care. Jen is hashtag literate, hungry, and committed to patient advocacy by whatever means necessary.