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Jane La Mantia de Pencier

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Current fellows

Jane La Mantia de Pencier is a Fellow-at-large with the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. As Vice President of Arts & Communications Counselors, Jane encouraged corporations to invest to earn the public trust. As a playwright working in New York, Jane offered existentialist one-acts for the company Colleagues in Art which promoted her work in Australia for the Melbourne troupe Interplay. Adopted as protégé singer by Impresario Jascha Rushkin, she studied the vocal techniques and musical values of soprano Kirsten Flagstad, and the conductors Frederik Stök and Arturo Toscanini, with each of whom Rushkin had collaborated. She has travelled extensively including: paddling Lake Superior’s treacherous Pukasawa, fending off Belizean vipers, contending with antiquities bandits in Kusadesi, and riding the Russian rails across Siberia during the calamitous rouble crisis of 1993. Jane has just finished a novel, The Omniscient Toad.