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Andrew Brown

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Andrew Brown is an isuma Fellow at the Health Strategy Innovation Cell. Andrew is a second year medical student at the University of Toronto. He entered the medical profession to improve the lives of Canadians. “I care about patients. That is what motivates me to find solutions to the tremendous challenges faced by our health care system,” Andrew said. 
Andrew believes education is an important tool in preparing his generation of physicians to meet the need of Canadians in the 21st Century. As Senior Vice President of Education, Andrew advocates for educational experiences that empower his peers with skills and knowledge to be great clinicians but also socially conscious. To further this goal, Andrew is part of a team working to create a leadership program to help medical students develop skills in advanced academic leadership. He hopes this program will lay the groundwork for an MD/MBA program at the University of Toronto. Graduates of the program will undoubtedly be prepared to face the pressing health care issues of our time. 
While Andrew is committed to health innovation at home he also appreciates that we are all part of the same global community. Andrew is conducting research at the Silverman Centre for International Health. Andrew is creating an innovative new curriculum for the International Pediatric Emergency Medicine Elective (IPEME) which is a summer elective that brings together Canadian, Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian medical students using medicine as a vehicle to build understanding, trust, and peace.