Social Media for Quality Improvement

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Title Social Media for Quality Improvement in Healthcare Organizations
Problem Addressed Patients and caregivers are increasingly speaking out online and suggesting new ways to make patient outcomes and the continuum of care seamless and of high quality.
Action Undertaken The Innovation Cell has partnered with The Change Foundation to explore how patients and caregivers are using on-line dialogue to drive health-care improvement.
Impact Achieved We are working with quality improvement groups within two major teaching hospitals -- Providence Healthcare and The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health -- to use social media to improve quality of care. Our scan of best practices in hospitals’ use of social media is now informing the development of an ‘e-Toolkit’ of case studies and informed discussion around lessons learned about the potential and limitations of social media to improve healthcare. Our scan of best practices is evolving dynamically with open and transparent contributions from researchers in Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States to help us improve and refine the e-Toolkit.
Tags Social Media, Quality Improvement, The Change Foundation
Start Date 2009/11/25
End Date 2010/11/30