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Assistant Deputy Minister cites Innovation Cell research in address +Caregiver burden, i.e., the overall physical, emotional and financial costs of caregiving, has been recognized as a priority problem by the Long-Range Scenario Planning Unit, Health System Strategy Division.


Bank of patients’ needs, wants and preferences +The process of gathering patient and provider feedback about how to improve the healthcare system requires more transparency and accountability.


First Canadian HealthCamp unconference with IBM +Citizens do not have sufficient opportunities to contribute openly to the betterment of the health system. Bottom-up and grass-roots innovation has been recognized as an equitable alternative that can improve social solidarity.


Social Media for Quality Improvement +Patients and caregivers are increasingly speaking out online and suggesting new ways to make patient outcomes and the continuum of care seamless and of high quality.


The Global Accelerator Award™ +Awards in healthcare are given for past pe Awards in healthcare are given for past performances. A new approach to healthcare awards is to find a way to identify organizations or people who have helped propel ‘into action’ an idea that holds the promise of dramatically improving patient care and human health throughout in the world. This can be done in ‘real-time’ using Cell-invented ‘scraping’ methodologies. ng Cell-invented ‘scraping’ methodologies.


World's First Flu Chat Lab +Traditional communication and education strategies by public health authorities are limited in their capacity to counteract anti-vaccine sentiment on the Internet. Millions of dollars were spent on public health education during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.