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<a href="Impact">Impact</a>

<a href="Impact">Patients and caregivers are increasingly
speaking out online and suggesting ways
to make things better. We are listening.</a>

<img src="/mediawiki/images/f/f7/Splash_logo_001.png" width="640" height="156" alt="Innovation Cell logo" title="Innovation Cell logo" />

<a href="About">About</a>

<a href="About">We are a non-profit, independent,
innovation think/do-tank based at Massey College,
in Toronto, Canada.</a>

<a href="Work">Work</a>

<a href="Work">We explore the Web’s real time ‘chatter’,
discover trends, design tools and create
change in healthcare.</a>

<a href="People">People</a>

<a href="People">We are a diverse group of citizens pushing
towards more participation in healthcare,
transparency, openness, and accountability.</a>

<a href="Services">Services</a>

<a href="Services">We offer real-time global healthcare
intelligence: Web analytics, foresight, and
strategic collaborative innovation. </a>

<a href="Buzz">Buzz</a>

<a href="Buzz">We launched January 29, 2009 and have been
fortunate to get some attention from industry,
the social sector, media and patient advocates.</a>

<a href="Contact">Contact</a>

<a href="Contact">Our office is in Toronto, Canada and you can
also find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,
Skype, phone or email.</a>

The Innovation Cell unfortunately now declines the vast majority of research

and speaking requests. The Cell CEO Neil Seeman is now the CEO of The RIWI Corporation. The Cell today is therefore highly selective and rare in the work it assumes, with a particular interest in low-cost solutions relating to disease management and mental health awareness. The Cell is proud of all its amazing alumni and partners around the world. For those interested in the Innovation Cell's history, Google 'Health Strategy Innovation Cell' to see the extraordinary breadth and impact of Cell work over just three years of full-time Cell activity - 2009, 2010, and 2011. Our goal has always been to provide a hub for otherwise contrarian research and ideas, and, sometimes, to spin those ideas off into real, low-cost healthcare innovations. We did that to the best of our ability. We are


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