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Laura Wilson

Futures Fellow
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Core team

Laura Wilson is a Futures Fellow at the Innovation Cell. Laura was born in London, UK and raised in Toronto, ON. She attended Alabama A&M University, in Huntsville, Alabama on a volleyball scholarship, where she earned a BSc in Physics with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. In 2010, Laura earned an MSc in Medical Biophysics at The University of Western Ontario, and her thesis focused on the development of measurement techniques used to evaluate lung tumours.

Laura is passionate about contributing to the positive learning experiences of others; she volunteers as a science tutor for adult learners pursuing their high school equivalency diploma, in one of Toronto’s at-risk neighbourhoods. Laura also volunteers with Black Pearls Community Services, Inc., a not-for-profit organization committed to the advancement, development and education of young women particularly in, but not restricted to, the Black, West Indian and African community, and the community at large in the Greater Toronto Area.