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James McKee

Futures Fellow
Core team

James McKee is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of Toronto, a Graduate Associate of the Centre for Ethics and a fellow at Massey College. His research interests include the emotions and public policy, ethics, and humanitarian intervention. Mr. McKee's dissertation examines the relationship between emotion and security policy outcomes. Mr. McKee combines a wide range of rigorous academic research skills with an abiding interest in collaborative research and stakeholder engagement methods. He has developed and overseen a variety of joint research projects, including the yearly Walter Gordon Symposium in Public Policy, and an ongoing series of small-group seminars on ethics in the public realm. In addition, Mr. McKee has managed and maintained a number of undergraduate courses, receiving exemplary reviews in each and has recently begun a media culture project exploring young voters' political engagement.

Mr. McKee has examined healthcare and health policy as an academic interest complementary to his core research, and has interviewed health policy makers at length about the regulatory and implementation challenges faced by the Canadian healthcare system federally and provincially. His forthcoming co-edited volume of essays on the role of emotions in social life will be published during the 2012-2013 academic year.