Introducing myhospitalidea partership project with the Ontario Hospital Assocation

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Introducing myhospitalidea partership project with the Ontario Hospital Assocation


The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and the Health Strategy Innovation Cell are pleased to present an interactive webcast on October 20 showcasing the roll-out of In the spirit of the Excellent Care for All Act, 2010, will harness the power of the public’s ideas to continuously improve hospital quality. will track what the public believes are the most exciting hospital “ideas in action” – real implementations in Canada and around the world that are gaining attention for their merit and growing success as measured by web analytics.

When is released, it will be a social forum to invite new, low-cost ideas from the public – and a place to celebrate the most exciting hospital ideas that have been implemented in hospitals in Canada and around the world to improve quality of care. Join this webcast to learn about the opportunities for a select group of OHA member hospitals to help steer the evolution of The webcast will explain the process of joining the Collaboration Council, the criteria for Council selection, and timelines and obligations of Council hospitals. The webcast will explain how leverages trends in social media and collaborative open innovation. An example of collaborative health care innovation is the Innovation Cell’s leading patient-led idea generation platform: The Innovation Cell, a not-for-profit think tank at Massey College, specializes in building collaborative innovation tools and capturing and analyzing real-time health information from the web.

Start date October 20, 2010