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Colleen Young

Adjunct Fellow
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Current fellows

Colleen Young is a community and social media conduit, patient advocate and plain language health writer who listens, connects, informs and constantly learns. She writes clear, easy-to-understand information for patients and caregivers.

Distilling complex information into plain language is her contribution to enabling engaged patients leverage the Internet and social media; add and tap into the knowledge of the community collective; and become the driving force that will build confidence in participatory medicine. As a health community manager, she strives to support and encourage people to become engaged patients and caregivers, and to recognize that they are valued members of their healthcare team. More often than not, she learns from the people she mentors.

Colleen founded #hcsmca (Health Care Social Media Canada), a community of people sharing via social media to help improve quality, access, value and effectiveness of health care.