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Problem Addressed The process of gathering patient and provider feedback about how to improve the healthcare system requires more transparency and accountability.
Action Undertaken We launched (MHI), a transparent approach to harness collaborative healthcare innovations. Any visitor can submit ideas, vote, and build upon ideas submitted by other people or upon ideas found on the Web. MHI also curates patient petitions and patient-related patents and expressions of gratitude about quality health services.
Impact Achieved As of April 22, 2009 MHI had aggregated 2,791 patient-led petitions (854 petitions voted upon, with 1,215 votes, and 230 comments); 72 ideas (48 ideas voted, 450 votes); 82 micro-ideas (77 micro-ideas voted, 482 votes); 5417 patents (833 patents voted, 1090 votes). MHI was one of several leading health 2.0 models presented to decision makers for anti-stigma initiatives. On the Web, patients have expressed how MHI is positively influencing the public experience with the health system by opening new channels for patient and caregiver participation and engagement towards a more open and transparent health system. has a Google™ footprint of over 135,000 and is, after 12 months, the most publicly accessible and visible forum in the world for submitting and voting on new health innovations (as determined by typing in “innovation” and “health” into Google). The Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Portfolio in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has used MHI in an initiative to capture new ideas, as has Longwoods Publishing and the National Post newspaper.
Tags Public Engagement, Idea Generation, Crowdsourcing
Start Date 2009/04/01
End Date 2010/12/30