A Roadmap to Innovation: Accelerating Ideas through the Innovation Cell

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A Roadmap to Innovation: Accelerating Ideas through the Innovation Cell


In a relatively short period of time, the Cell has amassed a brand and network that has global reach in the health 2.0 industry (global ecosystem). This unique position has allowed the Cell to interact with many individuals, patients, health providers and organizations that continually generate innovative ideas for the health system. While the Cell aggregates and disseminates these ideas, innovation -- beyond idea generation -- encompasses the ability to nurture those specific concepts that are most likely to succeed in the marketplace.

In order to accomplish this task, a structured analytical framework is required in order to move idea generation to health innovation, fulfilling the Cell's original mandate of "game changing" business model innovation and leveraging its growing brand into a global health system player. This framework would ensure a thorough and thoughtful analysis that takes into account many factors including the contribution to the health value chain, impact on existing business models and incumbant players, and the ultimate likelihood of success, providing direction for the most effective utilization of internal and external resources, prioritization, etc. In the absence of such a process, many key elements of a potentially successful innovation may be neglected resulting in acceptance of a poorly developed idea. Worse, without such a schema, it could result in rejection of a game-changing theory that has the potential to deliver significant value to the heath system and its people.

The development of a schema also has added benefits beyond the efficiencies created in evaluating internal and external ideas in the health 2.0 industry; including the development and fostering of collaborative partners and inter-dependencies, growth of the Innovation Cell's ecosystem, core brand, global media footprint and the creation of Canada's premier resource for health 2.0 players.

Start date November, 2009

Format Report