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Steve Chiu

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Advisory board

Steven is currently leading Speak2Me's development efforts in Greater China and acts as an advisor to internet companies.

As a social media marketing and community building strategist and advisor, Steven helps companies to strategically market themselves across various social platforms. He has launched internet projects in Asia, Europe and North America and is fluent in English, French and Mandarin Chinese.

Steven is the co-founder of China's first and largest internet recruitment web site,, launched in 1997. As a long-term resident of Beijing, Steven has provided information about the political, economic and social landscape to individuals and companies who have an eye on or hand in China.

Steven Chiu’s Specialties: strategy, competitive analysis, media, recruitment, management, operations, investment, marketing, viral marketing, sales, business development, entrepreneur, media executive, editor, writer, internet, Web 2.0, social networking, social media, online media, information services, China, Chinese, Mandarin, cross-cultural communication, community building, social software, networking, consulting, online relationships, product development, online community, user experience