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Saeed Selvam

Futures Fellow
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Core team

Saeed Selvam, currently a Non-profit leader, Judge on the Newcomer Champion Awards panel and motivational speaker, has served as Executive Producer and Host of ChangeItUp TV, a pilot show which aired in 2009 on CBC. He has served as an advisor to the Chief of Police on community engagement and has served as a host and MC for numerous community events and community radio and television programs in Toronto’s inner-city neighbourhoods. Saeed is also the founder of Change12, a federally incorporated NGO which aimed to promote race relations and youth empowerment and has been featured in every major media outlet in Canada. Saeed is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter and host who has not only inspired but motivated hundreds in the GTA. Saeed holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from University of Toronto with a double major in Political Science and Equity Studies and is currently in the Masters of Public Policy and Governance Program, he has a dire passion for Toronto’s underserved communities and has been serving them for 7 years. He brings a fresh, new and innovative approach to common challenges that many face and has been awarded several awards for his work including a Millennium Scholarship and the Lincoln Alexander Award for Leadership in the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.