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Use a JavaScript-enabled browser to view this element. Browse the result list directly.MONTHYEAR"Nurse” vs. “Doctor”2011-01-01T00:00:002011-01-01T23:59:590Start date: January 2011
End date: January 2011
A Commitment Vows: Accountability 2.02010-01-01T00:00:000Start date: January 2010
A Patient's Right to be Believed2009-12-01T00:00:000Start date: December 2009
A Roadmap to Innovation: Accelerating Ideas through the Innovation Cell2009-11-01T00:00:000Start date: November 2009
A new era in ideas collaboration: introducing myhospitalidea2010-10-20T00:00:002010-10-20T23:59:590Start date: 20 October 2010
End date: 20 October 2010
A rapid, Web-based method for obtaining patient views on effects and side-effects of antidepressants2010-08-12T00:00:002010-08-12T23:59:590Start date: 12 August 2010
End date: 12 August 2010
Arcus Consulting Group collaborate to find 'black swans' in healthcare2009-12-13T00:00:000Start date: 13 December 2009
Arcus™ leaders' series - Neil Seeman discusses the definition of healthcare innovation - and ‘failure’ - in Arcus™ leaders' series2009-12-13T00:00:000Start date: 13 December 2009
Assessing and Responding in Real Time to Online Anti-vaccine Sentiment during a Flu Pandemic2010-10-14T00:00:002010-10-14T23:59:590Start date: 14 October 2010
End date: 14 October 2010
Assessing and Responding in Real-Time to Online Anti-vaccine Sentiment during a Flu Pandemic2009-11-25T00:00:000Start date: 25 November 2009
Autism and the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine: Need to Communicate a Health Study Retraction to Patients2010-12-01T00:00:002010-12-01T23:59:590Start date: December 2010
End date: December 2010
Back-to-School Health and the New E-parents2009-09-01T00:00:000Start date: September 2009
Big Pharma Listens2010-01-01T00:00:000Start date: January 2010
Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Innovation - and Hot Air2009-04-01T00:00:000Start date: April 2009
Can't Get No (Family) Satisfaction2009-06-01T00:00:002009-06-01T23:59:590Start date: June 2009
End date: June 2009
Cell creating new Semantic Media Wiki website2010-02-01T00:00:002010-05-15T23:59:590Start date: 1 February 2010
End date: 15 May 2010
Cell director at Sick Children's Hospital event discussing the power of online patient conversations2009-10-03T00:00:000Start date: 3 October 2009
Cell releases first gratitude survey at Ontario Hospital Association's HealthAcheive2009-05-13T00:00:000Start date: 13 May 2009
DSM-Twitter: Are We Happy Or Sad Right Now?2009-03-01T00:00:000Start date: March 2009
Defining Technology Down2009-11-01T00:00:000Start date: November 2009
Do you work in an Intrapreneurial Company? Take the 1-Minute Test2010-04-01T00:00:000Start date: April 2010
E-Psychiatry: Using Web-Based Communications to Connect With Patients2010-02-01T00:00:000Start date: February 2010
Facebook™: a new frontier in Reflective Practice2010-01-01T00:00:000Start date: 2010
Fired for Performance! Lessons from the Medvedev Management Model2010-03-01T00:00:000Start date: March 2010
First dynamic global patient petition tool2009-09-13T00:00:000Start date: 13 September 2009
From ehealth to mhealth: Celebrating the mobile phone at 5 billion2010-07-20T00:00:002010-07-20T23:59:590Start date: 20 July 2010
End date: 20 July 2010
Funding IVF in Quebec: Mining the Web to Assess Public Support for Policy Change2011-01-01T00:00:002011-01-01T23:59:590Start date: January 2011
End date: January 2011
Good Governance, Great Strategy2009-10-01T00:00:000Start date: October 2009
Googling Obesity2009-02-01T00:00:000Start date: February 2009
Growing global research impact2009-12-01T00:00:000Start date: 1 December 2009
Haiti vs. Avatar - and Behavioral Economics 2.02010-02-01T00:00:000Start date: February 2010
Handoffs and Fumbles2009-09-01T00:00:000Start date: September 2009
Happiness Rising2010-06-07T00:00:002010-06-07T23:59:590Start date: 7 June 2010
End date: 7 June 2010
HealthCamp Toronto 20092009-09-15T00:00:002009-09-15T23:59:590Start date: 15 September 2009
End date: 15 September 2009
Healthcare Innovation: An Authenticity Lesson from Barbie dolls2010-08-03T00:00:002010-08-03T23:59:590Start date: 3 August 2010
End date: 3 August 2010
Healthcare Innovation: Extreme Affordability2010-08-09T00:00:002010-08-09T23:59:590Start date: 9 August 2010
End date: 9 August 2010
Healthcare’s Unwinnable War against ‘Screen Time’2010-11-01T00:00:002010-11-01T23:59:590Start date: November 2010
End date: November 2010
How China's Threat to Internet Freedom Affects your Health2010-03-01T00:00:000Start date: March 2010
How Do You Say Health in Inuktitut?2009-07-01T00:00:000Start date: July 2009
I Still Don't Understand What You Do2009-10-01T00:00:000Start date: October 2009
India on My Mind2009-05-01T00:00:000Start date: May 2009
Innovation Cell is formed in February 2009 as an independent healthcare innovation think/do-tank2009-01-29T00:00:000Start date: 29 January 2009
Inside the Health Blogsphere: Quality, Governance and the New Innovation Leaders2008-10-01T00:00:000Start date: October 2008
Interns Over 40 for Healthcare2010-09-15T00:00:002010-09-15T23:59:590Start date: 15 September 2010
End date: 15 September 2010
Interprofessional Collaboration Revisited2010-05-01T00:00:000Start date: May 2010
Introducing myhospitalidea partership project with the Ontario Hospital Assocation2010-10-20T00:00:000Start date: 20 October 2010
Launched the Cell’s Innovation Channel on iTunes2009-07-01T00:00:000Start date: 1 July 2009
Launching The Global Accelerator Award2009-09-15T00:00:000Start date: 15 September 2009
Launching myhealthinnovation2009-04-01T00:00:000Start date: 1 April 2009
Listening to Jared Loughner2011-01-01T00:00:002011-01-01T23:59:590Start date: January 2011
End date: January 2011